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Abandoned Dreams

Lastnight finally turned out to be a clear night in Joshua Tree. I got to snap this shot before the gusty winds came blowing in. The weather there is always  a hit or miss, but I’m lucky I live close enough to keep going back.  This specific area of the park is only daytime use, 20 minutes just wasn’t long enough. I wanted longer star trails. I’m determined to get it right! I’ll be back!

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No such luck

Fire Falls

Barker Dam

I went to Joshua Tree this week hoping to get some great star trails at my secret location, but no such luck the clouds came rolling in. I don’t believe this was in the forecast, but with California weather you just never know. However I did manage to sneak in a few shots with steel wool. We ended up at Barker Dam which had little water in it, but just enough to capture pure magic with the full moonlight. I’m planning on going back soon if the weather prevails. Fingers crossed!

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