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Time lapse in Joshua Tree

Here’s my attempt of testing out my 101 images from Arch Rock in Joshua Tree this past week. I used two programs for this, an action in photoshop to blend the images frame by frame and then used Lightroom 4 to make the movie 24 Fps. I only ended up with 6 seconds of video, Crazy! I’m going to try this again, but I‘ll need my sleeping bag next time!

Arch Rock

Joshua Tree, Ca

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Big Sur

Gorda, Ca

Had a great time in Big Sur recently. I can never get sick of seeing that beautiful coastline. Had a few mishaps but nothing serious. Almost lost my 10 stop nd filter off a cliff, I was very lucky. Took a few trips out to Bixby Bridge as well. The first way out was way too dark, especially with no moon to brighten things up. I decided to go back another day right after sunset and got a nice long exposure of the cars driving by. Did I Mention I had to hold the shutter button down for 108 seconds. Yeah, turns out the cheap intervalometer I bought stopped working on me.  All wasn’t lost I think the shot still turned out great. I do plan on going back in January. That’s when the sun is in the right spot at Pfeiffer Beach!

Big Sur, Ca

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