San Francisco

San Fran Pano  Took a short trip up to San Francisco. It’s been years since I was last there. When I first arrived I missed out on a great sunset thinking I’d catch it again during my stay, Nope! The weather is a bit wacky during the summer and brings in a lot of coastal fog. I did get some pretty good shots during my stay and I had the chance to do a panorama of the city from Treasure Island.

The Lighthouse watermark
On my way back home I did get a chance to shoot Pigeon Point Lighthouse. I’ve always seen this historic lighthouse in photos, but it’s so much better in person. Also along the way I stopped off in Santa Cruz and Paso Robles. When we hit the highway where the legendary actor James Dean passed it felt a bit eerie. It was so dark there that you could see the Milkyway in all its glory. I thought a good way to pay tribute to this amazing actor was to name one of my prints after him.








Natural Bridges WATERMARK

James Dean

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