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2018 Calendar is here!

Yes it’s that time again and next years theme is California! Earlier this year we had the super bloom which gave me a chance to put them in the calendar. So if you love Cali than this calendars for you! You can order it here!

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Ancient Bristlecone Forest

I’ve always wanted to visit this place and I’m so happy I finally did. The ancient bristlecone forest is located up in the white mountains of California with an elevation of 11,000 feet. I’ve been told that many get sick from the altitude, but I was just fine. The air is so clean up there I think my lungs were thanking me. There were a few storms up there so no night shots for me. I was just happy to be up there with the ancients. This place is definitely a must see for those who love to hike. I think next time I’ll camp under the stars. In other words “I’ll be back”!

The Guardian

the ancient ones watermark

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The Supermoon?

 Unfortunately you won’t be seeing one from me. I don’t even own a telephoto lens. I did however capture the moonlight in a few images from Joshua Tree. I really like how these images turned out. I even caught a shooting star by Arch Rock.  I put together a small time-lapse from “The Visitor” Hope you enjoy it! 

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The Milkyway

What do you do when there’s a new moon? Go to Joshua Tree! Which is what me and my brother did over the weekend. Joshua Tree is the best place to shoot the Milkyway. It’s far away from any major light pollution and just absolutely beautiful during the nights.Joshua Nights

Anyone out there?

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Borrego Springs

I was told Borrego Springs was a great place to check out  the wildflowers. On this particular trip I didn’t see anything. However, driving through this town you can’t help but notice to cool metal sculptures that are spread throughout the town. This gallery of metal art is called Galleta Meadows.  Now seeing a dragon in the middle of a desert is pretty cool. What better way to make it even more spectacular than to see it at night with the stars. This was 92 images blended and stacked around 50 minutes. I did a separate exposure for the foreground as well. The red lights came in handy!

If you’re ever in Borrego Springs these sculptures are not to be missed!

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American Southwest

Took another trip out to the southwest for a few days. For those who know me, Monument Valley is my favorite place of all time. I don’t know what it is about that place, but it makes me feel happy everytime I’m there. The first day I arrived it rained. The clouds were moving fast breaking up and letting the beautiful light shine through. I think I captured something great that day. My main goal was to catch the sunrise, which I did in 26 degree weather along with several other photographers.

Then it was off to Flagstaff Az. I’ve heard and seen quite a few photos of Grand Falls and always wanted to check it out. This place it basically in the middle of nowhere east of Flagstaff. The sunset that day was pretty amazing and worth the drive.

After that I stopped off in Phoenix to check out Superstition Mountain. We didn’t have many clouds that day, but the cactus was blooming. My trip to the southwest was short but successful and I’ll definitely be back!

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The L.A Harbor

I had the chance to visit the L.A harbor yesterday while a friend of mine from Berlin was in town. I’ve never seen this place at night and I had heard about the famous Vincent Thomas Bridge. Why is it famous? Well, it’s known as suicide bridge. It’s the same bridge Hollywood director Tony Scott jumped from last year. Putting that aside it’s spectacular at night!

Near this bridge is also a gorgeous water fountain that puts on shows all throughout the day. If you’ve ever seen the water show at the Bellagio hotel in Vegas it’s very similar, because it’s from the same company who orchestrates them. This place is really beautiful at night and a must see!

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Salton Sea Revisited

I had to go back to the Salton Sea last week. This place is huge and I always wanted to go to the North Shore Yacht Club. It used to be a happening spot where celebrities would dock their boats back in the days. It’s now been restored and turned into a museum. Although I didn’t get a chance to go into the museum I did however get the chance to capture a beautiful hazy sunset along the docks. I’ll be back!

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My first photo of the new year Vegas! Had a few days of relaxation and decided to take the new camera out with me. I didn’t get much but I think I captured what Vegas was all about, The Fastlife!

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