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2015 Earth Scapes Calendar

It’s finally here! Get yours today makes the perfect gift for Xmas.  Order Today!

calendar mock

2015 EarthScapes Calendar



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Facebook Covers

Since I found out other sites were stealing my images and using them for FB covers I decided to upload them free of charge on my own site. For those of you who want to support my work, please feel free to use them as your FB Covers and tag them with Tassanee Photography This will help out a lot! Thanks and enjoy!



Valley Of Time

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Back to the Grind!

For those of you who live in Riverside, Ca Back to the Grind is displaying a few of my photographs for a couple of months. Come check them out and grab a cup of coffee!

3575 University Ave
Riverside, CA 92501

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Eastern Sierras

South Tufas

Once A year I try to visit the Eastern Sierras to catch the fall colors. On this trip I had the chance to stay during sunset near Mono Lake. The colors there are amazing especially around the June lake loop! 3 days is not enough to capture everything I wanted, but I did get some great shots and I’ll be back again next year!

Eastern Sierras

June Lake

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A few weeks ago I got a chance to visit Catalina on my birthday. The Catalina Express has a special where you get to travel free round trip on the day of your birth. I had to take advantage of this because living in SoCal most of my life it’s one of the places I’ve never been and yet it’s so close. Going in summer is not recommended, just too many people and I hear in the winter the hotels are allot cheaper. The weather there is around 75 to 85 degrees all year round! A great place to be if you ever want to get away from the L.A traffic and smog and yeah the sunsets aren’t too bad either!

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Big Sur

Gorda, Ca

Had a great time in Big Sur recently. I can never get sick of seeing that beautiful coastline. Had a few mishaps but nothing serious. Almost lost my 10 stop nd filter off a cliff, I was very lucky. Took a few trips out to Bixby Bridge as well. The first way out was way too dark, especially with no moon to brighten things up. I decided to go back another day right after sunset and got a nice long exposure of the cars driving by. Did I Mention I had to hold the shutter button down for 108 seconds. Yeah, turns out the cheap intervalometer I bought stopped working on me.  All wasn’t lost I think the shot still turned out great. I do plan on going back in January. That’s when the sun is in the right spot at Pfeiffer Beach!

Big Sur, Ca

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Orange County

Divers Cove

Under the Pier

Spent last week in Orange County house sitting for my parents while they were off to Italy. It gave me a chance to revisit some of the places I used to go while growing up. Laguna Beach is a great place, I really love it! Drove up PCH and turned onto cliff drive where I spotted a nice and quiet cove, Divers cove to be exact. Then on another day I drove down to San Clemente hoping to get a great sunset, only to find it cold and overcast. I figured why not take advantage of the weather and shoot something in Black & White. This gave me another chance to use my 10 stop B-W filter. Next week I’ll be heading down to Oceanside lets hope I get to capture something great there!

Iphone Pic

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