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Back to Monument Valley

I was thrilled when my friend Ilene told me they got snow in March in Monument Valley. I couldn’t schedule a trip fast enough but I did arrive in time before it melted. I’ve been there many times and people that know me know that Monument Valley is one of my favorite places on earth! It was worth the trip out there to see friends and enjoy the snow covered mittens.


Sunset moonrise Rise and shine MasterImpressions watermark

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New image for the new year!

Here’s my first image for the new year “This Old House” taken  in Bishop, California.  I was told this particular house is the oldest in the area.  Being in the eastern sierras in winter is pretty awesome, not to mention very cold. I had a few great mornings and evenings and I can’t wait to go back!


Owens RiverThis Old House

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Autumn in the Eastern Sierras

Bishop Sunrise watermark Going up to the Eastern Sierras in October is always my favorite time of year. This year didn’t disappoint! I had the chance to visit many new locations as well as some familiar ones.




Convict lake


Streams Of Gold  Sierras Gem






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American Southwest

Took another trip out to the southwest for a few days. For those who know me, Monument Valley is my favorite place of all time. I don’t know what it is about that place, but it makes me feel happy everytime I’m there. The first day I arrived it rained. The clouds were moving fast breaking up and letting the beautiful light shine through. I think I captured something great that day. My main goal was to catch the sunrise, which I did in 26 degree weather along with several other photographers.

Then it was off to Flagstaff Az. I’ve heard and seen quite a few photos of Grand Falls and always wanted to check it out. This place it basically in the middle of nowhere east of Flagstaff. The sunset that day was pretty amazing and worth the drive.

After that I stopped off in Phoenix to check out Superstition Mountain. We didn’t have many clouds that day, but the cactus was blooming. My trip to the southwest was short but successful and I’ll definitely be back!

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