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2018 Calendar is here!

Yes it’s that time again and next years theme is California! Earlier this year we had the super bloom which gave me a chance to put them in the calendar. So if you love Cali than this calendars for you! You can order it here!

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The L.A Harbor

I had the chance to visit the L.A harbor yesterday while a friend of mine from Berlin was in town. I’ve never seen this place at night and I had heard about the famous Vincent Thomas Bridge. Why is it famous? Well, it’s known as suicide bridge. It’s the same bridge Hollywood director Tony Scott jumped from last year. Putting that aside it’s spectacular at night!

Near this bridge is also a gorgeous water fountain that puts on shows all throughout the day. If you’ve ever seen the water show at the Bellagio hotel in Vegas it’s very similar, because it’s from the same company who orchestrates them. This place is really beautiful at night and a must see!

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Salton Sea Revisited

I had to go back to the Salton Sea last week. This place is huge and I always wanted to go to the North Shore Yacht Club. It used to be a happening spot where celebrities would dock their boats back in the days. It’s now been restored and turned into a museum. Although I didn’t get a chance to go into the museum I did however get the chance to capture a beautiful hazy sunset along the docks. I’ll be back!

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Eastern Sierras

South Tufas

Once A year I try to visit the Eastern Sierras to catch the fall colors. On this trip I had the chance to stay during sunset near Mono Lake. The colors there are amazing especially around the June lake loop! 3 days is not enough to capture everything I wanted, but I did get some great shots and I’ll be back again next year!

Eastern Sierras

June Lake

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A few weeks ago I got a chance to visit Catalina on my birthday. The Catalina Express has a special where you get to travel free round trip on the day of your birth. I had to take advantage of this because living in SoCal most of my life it’s one of the places I’ve never been and yet it’s so close. Going in summer is not recommended, just too many people and I hear in the winter the hotels are allot cheaper. The weather there is around 75 to 85 degrees all year round! A great place to be if you ever want to get away from the L.A traffic and smog and yeah the sunsets aren’t too bad either!

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The Salton Sea

Salton Sunset

Calm Seas

Iphone shot

Took a drive out to the Salton Sea yesterday. The weather here in Riverside county was cool and overcast. What a difference an hour drive down south makes. It went from 57 degrees to a nice warm 90 degrees by the Sea. It was the first time that I got the chance to test out my B&W ND Filter. I’m very happy with the results. The Salton Sea is known for producing amazing colors during sunset. I plan on going back again soon because I can never get enough!

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